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AQL Tables – Understanding the reference test used to control your products

When examining products, why do importers only inspect a sample? Importers must accept their goods will never be 100% defect-free – but where to set their acceptable limit for quality? Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL) [...]

The tests that make toys safe

The safety standards concerning global toy imports and sales are extremely strict. Have you ever seen what a test on a toy looks like? In the European Union, an estimated 81,000 children each year [...]

Fairtrade cotton – How your next pair of jeans could have a global impact

Do you know what really goes into making your t-shirt? From sick farmers to damaging the environment – The reality of conventional cotton How sustainable ‘Fairtrade Cotton’ is making a huge difference Learn more [...]

Product recalls – Everything you should know to keep your family safe

Failure to issue a product recall can lead to litigation, which costs more than $700 billion a year in the U.S. Even multinationals are subject to product recalls! One secret to preventing product recall [...]

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The group of companies under the Worms Safety brand has decades of experience in risk management, laboratory testing, quality assurance and quality control. They work across a variety of industries from furniture and toys to aviation and health.

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